Super Prix 2009


Not since the heady days of the late 80’s (hands up those who witnessed our City’s attempts to emulate Monaco?) has Brum been so brrrrruuuummmmmmed…..

I’m hoping that the accompanying images speak for themselves – because, in the absence of the continuous, faux-sporting commentary supplied by James and Craig, it is difficult to describe the tense-action-packed madness of this weekend’s event, 24-Hour non-stop Scalextric.

Staged to coincide with the Le Mans 24-hour street race, the A.E.Harris space was brought alive with the deafening sound of slot-car transmissions, coaxed and tempered by the lush vocal extemporisations of race commentators Yarker and Stephens. 

A programme of events was built around the Main track, including creative / engineering workshops for apprentice drivers (courtesy of Johnny and Colin), a great film programme presented by 7-inch cinema, smaller sideshow tracks (quick shout for Jacob here who counted up 500 laps for his very own re-run of Talladega), and a bar and cafe, run by the Kitchen Garden Cafe. 

In a gripping finale, the two contenders with the fastest-recorded lap times from the race (Jack Trow and Jake Oldershaw, locking car-horns at 1minute 10 seconds each) went head to head for the champions crown. The final moments are captured for posterity in this grainy super8 footage… (ok – it’s from a Sony Cybershot)

There was talk about a re-run next year….. bring it on!


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