I’m in the Band


You know when you’ve made it, when, whilst checking flight-cases into the Oversized Baggage desk at BHX, there’s a whisper behind you. “They’re a band,” a guy tells his girlfriend. And you know what? For once we are. The exotic range of hair & beard gives the game away.

Touring ‘Voodoo City’ with Stan’s Cafe back in ’95, we were checking out of a Nottingham Hotel when a receptionist stopped me and asked if we were Radiohead. I was carrying a small combo amp at the time and had no idea who Radiohead were (the band were staying in the same hotel that night).

Now, I am in the Band. The Modified Toy Orchestra arrived in the picturesque town of Fribourg, Switzerland yesterday evening. Later  tonight I play my debut gig in the medieval Bastion of the Belluard. I’d better sort my hair out….


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