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MTO unclaimed


From the Modified Toy Orchestra; a long-awaited follow-up to Plastic Planet, entitled UNCLAIMED – an EP just made available for download, courtesy of digital music collective Bit-Phalanx. This exclusive release features an appearance from the notorious, heart-rending ‘Barbie Island Princess’ and includes a newly-mixed version of Triumphant – previously issued as ‘Hong Kong Bonus Track’ on the Earth One […]

Documentation from GAME, a collaboration between composer Richard Baker and sound artist Brian Duffy (Modified Toy Orchestra), commissioned by Faster Than Sound / Aldeburgh Music, and performed at Snape Maltings, Aldeburgh on 17th November 2012.

longest night


Band stalwarts Dazz and Loz had warned me that there’s no such thing as a trouble-free mto gig and true to form the Toy Orchestra’s first proper Brum show in 2 years was not without its drama. At the sound check there was no whiff of Brian; his back had gone into spasm the previous […]

A pre-Christmas double whammy from der Rose and friends: This coming weekend sees The Modified Toy Orchestra line up for Capsule’s 10th Birthday Closing Party.  It promises to be a special night. Further UK gigs for the mto are planned for the spring, starting with Newcastle Life Science Centre in March. Following saturday’s shenanigans, the following night […]

Ten gifts for Jonathan Watkins, in celebration of his ten years’ tenure as director of the Ikon Gallery. The Toy Orchestra provide gift number 9, a rendition of A Grand Occasion. At barely 3 mins it is a brief offering, but generates excited response. Because of the short notice of the gig, I bring along […]

You know when you’ve made it, when, whilst checking flight-cases into the Oversized Baggage desk at BHX, there’s a whisper behind you. “They’re a band,” a guy tells his girlfriend. And you know what? For once we are. The exotic range of hair & beard gives the game away. Touring ‘Voodoo City’ with Stan’s Cafe […]