mto at the ikon


mto brianTen gifts for Jonathan Watkins, in celebration of his ten years’ tenure as director of the Ikon Gallery. The Toy Orchestra provide gift number 9, a rendition of A Grand Occasion. At barely 3 mins it is a brief offering, but generates excited response.

Because of the short notice of the gig, I bring along small things 1 & 2. Though still sporting their school uniforms, flecked with remnants of their tea, they move seamlessly through a crowd of chic-ly dressed Bohemes. This is their first chance to see the band performing live.

mto ikonArchie documents, on my phone-cam, employing his signature finger-over-flash flare! technique… to interesting effect. The mto masterplan is to present a run of high profile gigs in the spring, in support of the launch of the 2nd album, known as Earth One for this year’s Hong Kong demo release . I just hope that my other project plans will not force a compromise come the spring, because the public are hungry for more toy orchestra and the band deserve a big audience.


One Response to “mto at the ikon”

  1. Brian’s appearance on This Morning has just appeared on the Blog site and is definitely worth a look at. When he mentions the leaking electrical current interfacing with the body, Sian repels nervously. Apparently, she was anxious for the safety of her unborn babe. The toys will have their revenge on us…

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