Edinburgh Previews


Coming to the end of our tenure of the rehearsal room at London Bridge, collective anxieties threaten to take the shine off what great work has been achieved in the past fortnight. Then Jonathan stumbles across Lyn Gardner’s Guardian preview online and he and I are bouncing around the space like stupefied teenagers, to the bemusement of the genuinely youthful.

Little knowing there’s a colour photo in the Guardian Guide, I  leave a message for the boys, asking them to check the Press. Later a voicemail is returned and I find I’ve been deemed the most embarrassing parent of the year.


Fall B&W Spoons small


One Response to “Edinburgh Previews”

  1. 1 Tim Bishop

    Well Graeme, if you’ve got it why not flaunt it!

    Great preview in the Guardian! Can see why you were so pleased! Hope all goes well in Edinburgh and the crowd love it as much as Lyn G.

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