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It has been 3 days since my last posting. The early release and reception of Al-Megrahi has had the press in a spin. Meanwhile the cauldron of the Festival is also bubbling furiously. Friendly faces are rolling up here in a steady stream and chance encounters with old acquaintances are inevitable. Since committing the ‘90% […]

A technically under par show yesterday prompted us to rework some material this morning, in particular the refinement of the overt physical sections, including ‘Fight 2’ and the addressing of our naked scenes, in danger of getting a bit safe. ‘Fight 2’ involves an approach, a slap, a push and a restraint, ending with a […]

a first review


While we were twiddling our thumbs and biting our nails waiting for the Baptist Times to go to press, The snuck throught in the outside lane to delivered this online review. Today’s show was rammed full and despite the best efforts of the Pleasance crew at ventilating the space beforehand, the audience had within […]

a premiere


Friday. The day of our first performance. I spent the morning extremely agitated, unhelpfully transmitting my nervous energy to the remainder of the company. A gorgeously beautiful day heralded the official start of the Fringe with Pleasance packed with excited punters and leaflet-wielding lovelies, all soaking up the lunchtime rays whilst promoting their shows. But […]

We arrived in Edinburgh sometime last week…, er….actually, it was …..last….night. Jonathan and I shirk the glitz ‘n glamour of the Festival and head home early after a drink with former Red Shift designer Neil Irish. I’m not yet ready to face the hullaballoo. That’s for tomorrow, I concede. Today was technical get-in day at […]

Coming to the end of our tenure of the rehearsal room at London Bridge, collective anxieties threaten to take the shine off what great work has been achieved in the past fortnight. Then Jonathan stumbles across Lyn Gardner’s Guardian preview online and he and I are bouncing around the space like stupefied teenagers, to the […]

Edinburgh beckons – scarcely, two weeks away. We have an IKEA bed set up in The Leathermarket rehearsal space; industrial-style practical lamps fixed to the metal-framed headboard. Plastic chairs laid out to remind us of the intense intimacy of the Pleasance ‘Beside’ space that will be home for the duration of the Fringe Festival – […]