a premiere


Friday. The day of our first performance. I spent the morning extremely agitated, unhelpfully transmitting my nervous energy to the remainder of the company. A gorgeously beautiful day heralded the official start of the Fringe with Pleasance packed with excited punters and leaflet-wielding lovelies, all soaking up the lunchtime rays whilst promoting their shows. But I was in no mood for tittle-tattling the relative merits of one comedy genius in-the-making over another.

Following a repeat of our ‘stretch for Lionel’ session, we made for the venue and braced ourselves for what suddenly became a sold-out premiere. The place was rammed and filthily hot. The temperature not helped by Steph & my collective adrenaline-fuelled frotting under the duvet. In the house to savour the event were three known journalists, and we now wait in fearful expectation for the print to roll out from the holy trinity of reviewers……. from The Stage, The List and … The Baptist Times.

Technically the show went well, but for a curious anomaly in this modest space. The ‘dry’ acoustic has been designed for mic-ed stand-up acts and we will have to work hard to make unamplified voices work – especially once the 80 seats are full.

Feeling mightily relieved to have the first show under our belts.


One Response to “a premiere”

  1. 1 Nick Walker

    Fingers crossed old pal. The Baptist Times can make or break a show.

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