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                            19 – 21 and 23 August at 12 noon1 hour and 30 minsGreyfriars Kirk, Greyfriars Place, Edinburgh, EH1 The Cardinals is the story of a show within a show. Three cardinals are on tour, using a large puppet theatre to […]

festival highs


It’s impossible to do any justice to the enormity of this festival – which keeps moving relentlessly forward, whilst shifting in character. This week The British Council Showcase is in town, upping the stakes. I joined the schmooze this morning, catching up with old friends and making a heap of new ones. I’ve been wanting […]

We arrived in Edinburgh sometime last week…, er….actually, it was …..last….night. Jonathan and I shirk the glitz ‘n glamour of the Festival and head home early after a drink with former Red Shift designer Neil Irish. I’m not yet ready to face the hullaballoo. That’s for tomorrow, I concede. Today was technical get-in day at […]