the cardinals: rehearsals


Here’s a glimpse into the rehearsal room at AEHarris for Stan’s Cafe’s current opus, The Cardinals, which will premiere at Domaine d’O, Montpellier on the 8th Feb. After a fortnight’s  pre-Christmas R&D, 4th performer Alia Alzougbi has been recruited for the role of the ‘stage manager’. Thankfully, the space is gradually warming up after a bitterly cold start to the week. Stan’s Cafe are not unfamiliar with cold working conditions and Gerard and I discuss the fact that there’s a dissertation to be written about the impact of debilitating cold on independent theatre-making.

Lampy Paul ‘Arvo’ Arvidson joined us yesterday, as did designer Miguel, replete with boxes of accessories (many bought at his local Catholic supermarket in the Eternal City). Here’s a sneak preview of some of the visuals [NB: finished product may not necessarily contain all of illustrated items];


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