secret gig


Anger, Envy and Rage combine in a frenzy of rock energy at the Edinburgh Festival this coming week. Kindle showcase The Furies at Forest Cafe in two highly unpublicised gigs within 24 hours of each other. The events will take place at;

12.30am (half-midnight) on the night of wednesday 24th August

11pm (the following evening) thursday 25th August

Over the past 5 years Forest Fringe has become the exciting and spontaneous alternative to the established Edinburgh Fringe. Audiences have been growing over the past few years, drawn by a refreshing programme of artist-led activity that offers counter-culture to the machinery of the performance mainstream.

Part of the allure of the Forest Fringe is that you don’t always know what you will be served up. The vibe is one of risk and surprise. Sadly, and despite its increasing popularity, this will be the last Forest Fringe in its Bristo Place home. Without  a new purchaser for the building, the current overseers PriceWaterhouseCooper have refused to extend the lease, preferring to leave the building empty beyond this year’s Festival. This will be a huge loss for the Edinburgh Fringe. Read more from the FF website.


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