Invisible Show II – opening


Red Shift’s Invisible Show II opened yesterday in the hustle and bustle of a sunny Pleasance Courtyard. Whilst the intimate scenes aim to discretely disappear into the crowd, a large and enthusiastic audience ensure that the focus of the pack is tight in on the action. For many, part of the game of the show is identifying the performers. But this has the effect of creating an audience for the audience, with the non-headphoned public drawn in through curiosity. The Pleasance team have been fantastically supportive of the show, not least the security, who are on alert should any unwitting member of the public choose to intervene in one of the show’s more fractious encounters.

In this pic, Jill’s character makes a heart-rending phone-call in a corner of the Courtyard…The Invisible Show II performs each day in Pleasance Courtyard until the 27th August. Performance times are 11.30am, 2pm and 4.30pm. The show lasts 50mins. Tickets can be booked here


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  1. Here’s a first review, published online yesterday….

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