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3 shows down and the 11-strong Constance Brown team are getting into their stride. Still plenty of tweaking to be done as re-calibrated cogs find their new meeting points. Some scenes seem to slip by smoother than ever, as does the ‘Office Crisis’ scene, which is enormous fun to perform and has us grinning and […]



Get-in day at The Power Plant, on Toronto’s HarbourFront. Everybody in this City seems incredibly laid back and stress levels during the fit-up are low. It feels such a treat being here. The gig has been a long-time in the planning. Tina from the venue saw the show at Edinburgh in 2007, so it’s nearly […]

terminal 3


There’s a 4.44am-something psychosis as I arrive at terminal 3, several hours prior to departure. The early shift suddenly overwhelm my entrance as a coachload of functionaries sweep past me, zombie-faced, toward the myriad tasks that make up Heathrow – airport machine. I’ve got what you might call excess baggage. 4 crates of rice show […]