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Chris Corcoran is the new Craig and it’s great to have him back on the Stan roster for the first time since our Morality Shopping escapade on Bromsgrove High Street in 1994. Strange though that with new performers on stage you start to learn fresh details about the show. With Fiona’s arrival in Mainz came […]



The Cleansing of Constance Brown opens tonight in the elegant surroundings of the Domaine d’O, Montpellier. Director Christopher Crimes specialises in the development and establishing of new venues/programmes. He first booked Stan for a European version of the rice at the impressive Theatre le Quai, in Angers, 2 years ago. Here in Montpellier he is […]

The Cleansing of Constance Brown is performing it’s Deutschlandpremiere here at the Mainzer Kammerspiele as part of the ‘No Strings Attached’ puppet theatre Festival. This may seem strange, given there are no puppets (lest you count the team’s deft manipulation of the Orange Billowing Mass – the animate bag of air which swallows stage and […]

3 shows down and the 11-strong Constance Brown team are getting into their stride. Still plenty of tweaking to be done as re-calibrated cogs find their new meeting points. Some scenes seem to slip by smoother than ever, as does the ‘Office Crisis’ scene, which is enormous fun to perform and has us grinning and […]

Opening Night


Late afternoon respite, in between this afternoon’s open dress rehearsal, (attended by a gathering of staff from The HarbourFront) and this evening’s opening performance of The Cleansing of Constance Brown. It’s become a feature of this show that at every outing, it seems, a new performer has to be integrated into the show. Too expensive […]



Get-in day at The Power Plant, on Toronto’s HarbourFront. Everybody in this City seems incredibly laid back and stress levels during the fit-up are low. It feels such a treat being here. The gig has been a long-time in the planning. Tina from the venue saw the show at Edinburgh in 2007, so it’s nearly […]