getting to know the neighbours


Domaine d'OChris Corcoran is the new Craig and it’s great to have him back on the Stan roster for the first time since our Morality Shopping escapade on Bromsgrove High Street in 1994. Strange though that with new performers on stage you start to learn fresh details about the show. With Fiona’s arrival in Mainz came my discovery that in the ‘Domestic Scenes 1 & 2‘ one of her characters is married to one of Jake’s characters. And only here in Montpellier, 28 months and 80 or 90 performances into the life of Constance Brown, have I found out who my immediate ‘Domestic Scenes’ neighbours are – to the left Alex’s hoodie and to the right Gerard’s jogger, who I now realise is partnered with Craig/Chris’s bathrobed beauty-treatment character. The show may be very technical in its delivery but, from the performer’s perspective, meaning is rendered in the finest details which subtly shift and allow for varying interpretation. As with The Rice Show and It’s Your Film before it, the show inspires discussion and debate from within as well as without.

A botched reception early in the week (owing to a misunderstanding) did not give us the best start, but since then it’s been a pleasure to get to know some of the staff and audience here at the Domaine d’O. Everyone is very friendly here. There’s also been a great willingness to speak each other’s language, with some brave and perhaps comical results.

With the hard work of the week done, a few of us hung out at la plage at Palavas-des-Flots yesterday, then went straight to the theatre, still salty from the Med. Post-show, local riceworker Nico led us to a recommended restaurant in town – where the true delights of French cuisine; bouillabaise, chèvre, steak tartare, are a welcome change to the snatched kebabs that characterised the early week’s dining.

La chat perchée


4 Responses to “getting to know the neighbours”

  1. Hard life then? x

  2. 2 James

    I think that Craig’s bathrobed character only got together with Gerard’s jogger character once the Sap scene was axed in Birmingham last year. Prior to that the jogger led a single life and the bathrobed man was part of a slapstick troupe.

    As for the neighbours on the other side, for a long time it was ambiguous if the visitor with Pizza and Larger was a young man or woman. I think Jan used to play it as male and I enjoyed that ambiguity, reading it as a woman taking on male posturing. In trainers and trackies, hoodie up and cap on there is an effort at de-sexualisation akin to the job the niqab is designed for with the neighbour who she abuses for being so alien. In the process you are describing, negotiating Alex taking over Jan’s role there was discussion around this area and it was agreed to give a slightly stronger clue that this is supposed to be a female figure and now her hair is seen beneath the hoodie.

    And so on….

  3. 3 James

    Obviously the Sap scene is something else entirely, I was thinking of the only marginally less controversial Spa scene.

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