the cardinals: end of days


…a glimpse at the end of the world…and the show. With the making process now completed the week ended with selected Revelations (….or Apocalypto depending on which version of the six Bibles we’ve been referring to in the show’s research). It’s been a furious finale to rehearsals in the newly acquisitioned ‘Australia’ room of the Stan’s Cafe space at AE Harris, but the van is now packed with The Cardinals set (or ‘Exhibition Materials’ as the Dover Freight people insist on calling it) and James and I are sitting in lane 52, waiting for a ferry that’s been delayed by terrible weather conditions. Hmmm….

A 13-or-so hour drive awaits us on the other side as we follow the pilgrim trail to Montpellier, and who knows whether seven seals, plagues or other abominations might be thrown at us along the way?


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