entrees & sorties


The Cardinals are in Montpellier, modeling their unique vision of Chaos to a seemingly faithless world. Stan’s Cafe premiered the show here at Domaine d’O on tuesday night to a lively and appreciative crowd. It’s become a performance cliche that the ‘Classic’ devised show normally rolls in at 1 hour and 10 minutes. On rare occasions a 1 hour and 25 minuter may break the mould, but The Cardinals started the week as a 2 and a half hour Epic (including interval) and is now down to just under 2 hours of relentless, action-packed prop and costume-wielding mayhem.  We’re still learning about the show and about what tickles our French audiences, but judging from the spontaneous rounds of applause for our depiction of selected Biblical miracles, we must be doing something right? As if the gargantuan memory task of the show hasn’t been enough to throw us completely off kilter, poor Rochi suffered an attack of the escargots on weds, which added an extra je ne sais quoi to last night’s performance – with her disappearing offstage thrice mid-show to attend to Old Testament-type functions. In her capacity as (on)stage-manager she kept the faith through plagues and storms as we accelerated the show towards its Apocalyptic conclusion. Respect due, Rochi.

MontpellierNet review, 9th Feb;

MidiLibre review, 11th Feb


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