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Rehearsals have started for a latest offering from Stan’s Cafe; “Finger, Trigger, Bullet, Gun”. Unusually for Stan, this is a commisssioned play, penned by Serbian writer, director and former MP. Nenad Prokic. “Finger, Trigger, Bullet, Gun” concerns itself with the political manœverings which led to the assassination of Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo, 1914 – an action credited with igniting World War I. […]

“A Journey Round My Skull”, by KILN Ensemble (formerly Kindle Theatre) will be on the Festival circuit this summer. The show performs at Latitude in Suffolk (17th-20th July) and then at the Summerhall (venue#26) for the duration of the Edinburgh Fringe (1st – 24th August). Check out Mat Beckett’s Trailer, captured during the show’s premiere week […]



It takes some bright sparks to start a fire. Kindle Theatre were formed out of the Drama Dept. at Birmingham University. They graduated in 2005 and got on with the business of devising and touring new theatre. This week they changed their name. The heat was too much for mere Kindling. A new name heralds […]



twilightofthefreakingods glimmer #2 from Stans Cafe on Vimeo. According to Peter Cann, It was a death scene so arch and so protracted that it rivalled Jimmy Cagney’s in Public Enemy (see here). Lasting 15-minutes or more, and unrehearsed, the job was to wind up on the palate and be able to remain there motionless for […]

chef concertino


DJ & composer Bobbie Gardner composed her conceptual ‘Chef Concertino’ as a 5-minute musical/culinary challenge in which ‘The Chef’ duels with ‘Le Chef’. It premiered in the Adrian Boult Hall, Birmingham on 23rd January 2014. Bobbie’s uncle, Urban Thompson, prepares one of his dishes with running commentary – in this case a Thai Prawn Salad […]

Living Toys


It’s the realisation of a dream combination; Stan’s Cafe v. Modified Toy Orchestra v. Birmingham Contemporary Music Group. ‘Living Toys’ is a programme of new music performed for a family audience, with Stan’s Cafe devising a theatrical frame through which young eyes and ears might access and experience contemporary music for the first time. ‘Living […]

A Year of Stan


2013 was impressively productive for Stan’s Cafe and I’m chuffed to have been involved in projects throughout the year. Here is a downloadable cartoon round-up, by Craig;

The Anatomy of Melancholy Trailer from Stans Cafe on Vimeo.   Stan’s Cafe presents The Anatomy of Melancholy Written four hundred years ago by librarian and vicar Robert Burton, The Anatomy of Melancholy has been described as ‘the greatest book ever written’. Its 1500 pages are full of cutting-edge science, maids vomiting pebbles, priests defecating […]

Join Stan’s Cafe for a very special new production. Twilightofthefreakingods celebrates five glorious years @AEHarris. It will be the last performance at the venue before it ‘downsizes’ and we are planning to say goodbye in spectacular fashion. Twilightofthefreakingods is a large-scale theatrical experiment that slowly unfolds over 255 minutes with a cast of 13 ranging over more than 2000 square metres of performance space. It is a piece of visual theatre (very) loosely inspired by Götterdämmerung with the wonderful Nina West (The Cleansing of Constance Brown soundtrack) replacing Wagner at the sonic controls. The cast will be drawn from companies who have performed @AEHarris over the last five years. There will be no rehearsals, instead the cast will work from instructions and timetables unaware of what anyone else in the room will be doing. It will be an extraordinary occasion. As the show is both a celebration and unusually long, the bar will be open throughout serving flaming cocktails alongside snacks and more familiar drinks. Both cabaret and raked seating will be available for you to either engross yourself in the show or discuss it as it unfolds with your friends. You can change your viewing angle whenever you wish to concentrate on whatever strand of action you find most absorbing. Whatever happens it will be an event about which you will always want to say “and I was there”. There are just two performances: Thursday 10th October 19:00 – 23:15 and Saturday 12th October 19:45 – 24:00 Audience numbers are limited to 100 per night. To book please click here to visit our secure on-line Box Office and join us for this unique event. Twilightofthefreakingods is produced in association with Reel Access and Flatpack.

Journalist Paul Klaric has kindly posted me this updated link to a TV feature he made for ABC’s ‘SA Stateline‘ in June 2010. The feature was first broadcast in South Australia in advance of the opening performance of Vesalius – a Requiem at RiAus, Adelaide. Originally produced by our company The Resurrectionists at the Old Operating […]